Rich Hackney

He will share his life experience from working with troubled teens and prisoners and how martial arts, pro-boxing, pro-kickboxing all lead to where he is today. His passion is in powerful breathwork to help with unlocking deep insight, feelings and emotions that are not serving us, manifestation and spiritual awakening. You will be taken to an altered state to bypass your usual thinking. You will be resetting your autonomic system from fight or flight to rest and digest. In this state you can clear the mental fog and gain clarity to focus on what you really want in your life.

Enrich Breathwork

Enrich Breathwork is a safe place to come and find your inner warrior.
Who is the person behind the mask we wear? Who are you under the heavy suit you wear daily? Rich believes the key to living optimally is to change your state every morning using his 4 fundamentals of health. Incorporating breathwork, strength, flexibility, mindfulness, fitness he teaches you how to change your life and create longevity.